Tim Network is an IT company established in 2014 by a team that combines many years of experience in voice and network solutions.

Since the day Tim Network was founded, we have signed many important cabling, audio and network projects in the sector and successfully completed every project we have perfomed. Tim Network which completes related manufacturer's certificate is a company that produces end-to-end audio and network solutions for its customers and attaches importance to their satisfaction. In our world where the importance of technology is felt more and more every day, Tim Network progresses by improving itself day by day.

We provide our customers with the most up-to-date solutions in communication technologies, voice, data, network and cabling projects. There are also 24/7 continuous technical support for their systems with our offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Baku.

Tim Network, which has been at the front with its works and keeps the satisfaction of its customers above all else, has always followed the latest technologies and aimed to present their needs in the most reliable way, with the most appropriate conditions and latest technology.

Tim Network serving with the most expert employees in every solution it offers, has adopted the principle of maintaining its business partnership with the leading companies of the world information technologies in the most effective way. Tim Network's expert staff has all the certificates given by the producers. Business partners are AMP, APC, AXIS, Cisco, EMC, Estap, Fortinet, HCS, HP, Lande, NEC, Ruckus, Samsung, Vmware, Veeam, etc. (such as the most successful companies in the industry). Tim Network continues to work effectively and gets bigger with each passing day.

Tim Network which offers structured cabling, Network, Telephone switchboard, Call Center and Data center structures, Server backup and virtualization, Storage, Firewall and CCTV solutions works with its experienced staff to provide perfect service to a wide range of customers. There are many projects, goals and ideas waiting for the Tim Network family in the future.

Tim Network which has an important place in the sector with its quality, technical infrastructure, security, speed, problem solving ability and customer-oriented service understanding; It aims to present itself and its services better with all its old, new and potential customers and to maintain existing good relations with them.